Sea & Sound Product Overview

Sea & Sound Tackle has so much to offer fishermen from all walks of life, we decided to give you a little tour of our shop by outlining our products by main categories. This isn’t by any means all carry, but it will give you a good idea of the depth of products we supply for both the commercial and recreational fisherman alike. We hope you like what you see. 

Electric Reels

(Parts, Motors, Spools)
Bandit Reels and Elec-tra-mate

Lead Weights

from 8oz to 10 lb
For planers, trolling, bottom fishing

Terminal Tackle

Crimps to Swivels (wide variety for both recreational or commercial fishing)
Mono Crimps, Cable Crimps, Alpine Clips, Beads

Monofilament / Fluorocarbon

8lb- 1000lb tests
25 yards up to 5 mile long spools
5, 25, 50 lb spools. 5 lb skeins


Solid and Hollow, Stainless Steel, Various Colors
80lb tests- 500lb tests
25 yard spools to 2500 yard spools.


Stainless steel, 7-strand, hard-wire, trolling-wire, piano wire
49-Strand (trademark)
175-900lb tests.


Tire Cord, Twisted polypropylene (ppl)(5/16 in- ½ inch for twisted and hollow braid)
Hollow braid, easy haul (3/8 in & 5/16 inch)
leadline (30-200lb tests)
float rope, twine (tarred and untarred) #5-#15 (sizes)

Foul Weather Gear & Boots

Jackets and Bib Pants
Gloves (insulated, cut-resistant, PVC-dipped, grip)


Crab and Longline Buoys
Hard Buoys (for Greensticks)


Up to 18/O
Fang Hooks, Treble Hooks, Circle Hooks, J hooks, Black Carbon, Stainless Steel, Greenstick Hooks

Longline Gear

Longline Snaps, AIS buoys, polyballs, batteries (double AA & D Batteries) Lightsticks, strobe lights.


Pollyball, hard buoy, BIRDS (carry locally made and POP brand birds), all your needs for setting up your Greenstick.

Nets & Traps

Bait traps, crab pots, chum pots, holding pot, chum bags, dip nets, minnow buckets

Frozen Bait

Sand fleas, squid, mackerel, ballyhoo, shrimp

Artificial Bait

Mold Craft, Fathom, Squid Nation, manchas.

Trolling Lures & Baits

Islanders, Sea-witches (heads and hair) Rigging Wire (copper and stainless)

Knives & Sharpeners

Boning, filet, slime, net, straight and serrated blades

Miscellaneous Tackle

Balloons, Splicing needles, fish picks, dehookers, rubber bands, flounder gig, clam rake, ice shovels, ice choppers, anchors


Pliers, hand and bench crimpers & dies, cutters, scissors


15-40, straight 40, hydraulic oil, comes in 1 or 5-gallon


Darts & Shafts